BreadVac 10ltr

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The biggest Vacuum sealed household container in the world! Simply Amazing, This Breadvac will double if not triple the shelflife of all light sensitive goods. Will also store 5+ pounds of Coffee beans & ground Coffee, 5+ pounds of Tea, Pasta & cereals, 10 pounds of rice, flour,& brown sugar and all your bulk items that often spoil before you use them. Simply line the arrows with the buttons on the side of the Breadvac and push down or pull off - The Breadvac has a locking handle - Twist right to lock - Twist left to unlock. The Breadvac is made from European Union - EU approved recyclable, Food Grade polystyrene # 6 plastic. The Breadvac has a large 10 liter + capacity. Approximate dimensions = 14" inches (tall) X 8.5" inches (wide) or 35.6 centimeters (tall) X 21.5 centimeters (wide) There is plenty of room for the even largest loaves of bread, a regular loaf fits with ease, large bags of bagels or muffins, buns, crackers & pastries. You can also store all dried goods in a Breadvac ,especially great for breakfast cereals. ROASTERS -Eliminate Bags! This is the only Sustainable 5 LBS Vacuum sealed Container! Tight vac - BreadVac

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