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Grind your aromatherapy herbs and place them into the end of the Vapor Whip. This has a metal gauze which will prevent any inhalation of herb particles. Now simply insert the Vapor Whip over the heating element and use the glass mouthpiece at the other end to inhale your vapour! Once you have finished vaporizing you can fold the Pop up Aluminium Case Vaporizer back to its original size, storing the power lead, plug and vapor whip inside the box. This can then be left locked ready for your next use. The Pop up Aluminium Case Vaporizer is one of the smartest table top vaporizers currently available. Looking like a vanity case this vaporizer is easy to store and easy to carry with you. We all are aware of the dangers of smoking and that vaporizing your plant material is the healthier alternative to combustion. Now you can do it in style, ease and comfort. Unlock the box and when you open it up the vaporizer itself is revealed. Plug it in and the temperature controls are on the power lead itself. While waiting for the vaporizer to heat up you can prepare your plant material.

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