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Vaporisation is an alternative to smoking. Rather than burning herbs, which produces irritating, toxic, and carcinogenic by-products, a vaporiser heats the material so that the active compounds contained in the plant boil off into vapor. No combustion occurs, so no smoke or taste of smoke is evident. The vapor contains virtually zero particulate matter or tar, and significantly lower concentrations of noxious gases such as carbon monoxide. With little to no smoke produced and cooler temperatures, the irritating/harmful effects of smoking are greatly reduced or eliminated, along with second hand smoke, by using a vaporiser. In comparison to other methods vaporisation offers the advantages of rapid onset of effect and direct delivery into the bloodstream (via the lungs). Less material is required to achieve a given level of effect, making it a highly economical choice. Classic Vaporiser The beauty of the Volcano Classic is its robust, purely electromechanical design, of which have already sold in tens of thousands. * Vaporisation temperature can be set between 130

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